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HSK2 Used Question Part 5

· 真题

HSK2 Used Question Part 5

正确答案 Answers :

1.D 2.B 3.F 4.C 5.A

辨析 Instructions :

1-D:姓xìng (surname) 名字míng zì(name)在...前面 zài...qián miàn ( front of)

2-B: 很 hěn(very) 晚 wǎn (late) 累 lèi (tired)

3-F: 觉得 jué dé (feel;think) 怎么样 zěn me yàng (how; how are things; what do you think; )

4-C: 没问题 méi wèn tí (No problem); 不是问题 bú shì wèn tí (is not a problem)

5-A : 怎么 zén me (how) 走 zǒu (go;) 问路 wèn lù (ask the way)

These are the Reading and Mathcing of HSK2 exam.

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