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HSK3 Used Question Part 1

· 真题
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正确答案 Answers:

1.C 2.D 3.B 4.A 5.F

辨析 Instructions :

1-C:生日shēng rì(birthday);礼物lǐ wù(gift);真好zhēn hǎo(very kind of)

2-D:阴yīn(overcast) ;害怕hài pà (afraid);决定jué dìng (determine)

3-B:词语cí yǔ(words);铅笔qiān bǐ(pencil);字典zì diǎn(dictionary)

4-A:游泳yóu yǒng(swimming) ;提高tí gāo(improve) ;教jiāo(teach)

5-F:饿è(hungry);冰箱bīng xiāng(fridge);煮zhǔ(cook)


These are the Reading and Mathcing of HSK3 exam.

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