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    Q: What is the length and frequency of the courses? Can the classes be flexibly scheduled?

    Normally, our online lessons are 45 minutes each. We would recommend two to five lessons a week, however that is up to you. You could also consult with our teachers for advice during the trial lesson. As you are our priority, the class time is surely could be flexibly scheduled as you wish. Just choose and arrange the time that suits you.

    Q: With respect to reading and writing Chinese characters, do we learn simplified or traditional Chinese characters?

    Our teaching system is based on simplified Chinese characters. However if you prefer to learn traditional Chinese characters, we may arrange customized lessons for you.

    Q: How long does it take to be able to communicate on a basic level in day to day life?

    It depends on how hard you study and practice. Learning language is like muscle training, how much time you spend on it leads to how big progress you could achieve. We believe you can try to use Chinese for communicating within half a year of learning if you keep studying and practicing with our teachers!

    Q: Will I have the same teacher all the time?

    Generally most learners prefer to learn from the same teacher. You can book with your teachers if you find their available time acceptable. If sometimes the availability of your teacher doesn’t match your own, then you do have the option of other great teachers.

    Q: What courses do you provide and how many levels?

    At ChineseWide, we provide survival Chinese, daily Chinese, Business Chinese, HSK courses and other customized courses to learners’ needs and preferences. You can always find suitable courses to suit your preferences whether you are a beginner or an expert in Chinese.

    Q: When I schedule a time for my lesson online, which time zone is it?

    When you schedule a time online for lessons, the times you see on the website will be automatically synchronized to the local time on your device.

    Q: How can I book a free trial lesson?

    First, Fill the form of Contact us. Click on ‘Get started' to begin booking your free trial class. Please check to make sure your time zone is set to your local time. Then, please select the date and time most convenient for you to take the class. The FREE Trial is a 45 minutes class booked in advance. You will be able to cancel the class at any time before the class is due to begin.

    Q: How do I purchase courses and schedule a time for online classes?

    After choosing your preferred plan, you can buy it directly online. If you encounter any problems in the process of paying, you're always welcome to contact us and we'll be happy to help you!

    Q: How do I reschedule the time for booked lessons?

    You can reschedule your lessons under ‘My Account’. However, to give the teachers the enough notice, you may only rearrange your online lessons 12 hours before the class begins or earlier.

    Q: How does it work if I have to quit learning for some reason?

    You may apply for an unconditional refund for the remaining unused hours of lessons by contacting us.

    Q: Do I need to install any apps on my computer or mobile device for online classes?

    We recommend ZOOM as the online lessons’ teaching and learning platform. You can download and install the ZOOM on your computer or mobile device for free. You'll be able to see and talk to your teacher online through the camera and microphone.

    Q: What other activities are available in addition to the online courses?

    Besides the normal online courses with teachers, we provide some free video materials for learning Chinese on ChinsesWide website so that you can learn anything you like related to Chinese culture, films, real life scenarios in China etc. What’s more, we also organize online speaking salons, prize contests, and internships as well as job recommendations in China.

    Q: If I visit China for work, studies, or holiday, can I contact ChineseWide for support?

    Of course! You are always welcome to connect with us once you have arrived in China, especially in Wuhan where we are based. We can also help you to book flight tickets and hotel rooms, if needed. We offer information and help with your travel programs in China.

    Q: Will I be rewarded with a certificate after completing certain courses?

    After finishing the courses of HSK / Business Chinese SHK / YSK children's Chinese examination, we will recommend the most suitable test level for you according to your studies so that you may have a chance to achieve the certificate of HSK , BCK or YSK etc. In addition, you will receive a certificate from ChineseWide based on the number of hours covered on your course, which shows your hard work and progress in learning Chinese with us!

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