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    Over 10 years of teaching experience and unrivalled knowledge of Chinese language. Cindy is an expert at helping students get the most out of their studies, making the challenge of learning Chinese feel much less daunting by adapting her teaching methods to the needs of her learners.


    10 years of teaching and cross-cultural communication experience. Sisi loves Chinese folk dancing and other traditions from Chinese culture. She delights in creating a relaxing and interesting environment for her classes, helping her students learn about Chinese culture in addition to the language.


    Our resident expert on Chinese calligraphy and traditional Chinese music. Louis enjoys accompanying students on their learning journey, exploring Chinese culture in addition to the language.


    4 years and over 2000 hours of teaching experience. Khesy is passionate about teaching, and especially skilled in helping students perfect their pronunciation and grammar skills. She loves crafting fun learning content too to help her students achieve the results they want.


    A professional language teacher and interpreter with over 15 years working experiences. My remarkable bilingual skills, flexible teaching methods and keen business sense make me popular among students and clients. I devote myself to promoting cross-cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.


    I have been engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language to international students in Tsinghua University, the Top 1 university in China, for over 4 years.Later on, I have been working as Chinese teacher in different universities in Europe.I love to share the peace and joy of Chinese traditional music with students.


    I'm eglantine, 32 years old. I have obtained the IUT university diploma from the first university of Clement Ferrand in France, majoring in finance and accounting; in the Binhai university campus in Dunkirk, north of Lille University, I have obtained a bachelor's degree in economic management, majoring in international trade and management; and I have also obtained a master's degree in Applied Foreign Language - transnational territorial development from this university. Since 2014, I have been a full-time French teacher and a part-time Chinese teacher in a university in Wuhan. I have rich teaching experience and I'm good at absorbing the experience of different work fields and applying these experiences to the teaching of cross-cultural and cross-cultural communication.


    I have worked with students of different ages to increase their communication skills and improve their academic prospects . I am good at assisting students in passing HSK test. I prefer to develop customized lesson plans based on indivisual need and level. I love to be both a life-sharing friend and a good listener ! Nice to meet you.


    My teaching qualifications as follows: Chinese Language Teacher authorized by International Chinese Language Teachers Association. International Certified Senior Trainer of Chinese authorized by American Certification Institute. I have sound knowledge of Chinese grammar and literature. I'm proficient at communicating information effectively. I am also skilled at using appropriate instructional methods for better understanding of new concepts. I have rich experience in teaching students with business background.


    I’m Autumn Sheng, locate in Montreal. I have been fluent in English for many years. Two years ago, I started learning French when I arrived at Montreal. In only one year and a half, I succeeded in finding an administrative job in full French environment. With my experience in acquiring two foreign languages, I’m good at concluding the common rules in language studying. I’m also good with explaining Chinese grammar with examples in English or French. Learning Chinese is a long term project, I will help you, support you and encourage you to make this process more pleasant for you.


    Over 7 years of experience in teaching and cross-cultural communication. With rich experience in the research and development on the linguistic differences between Chinese and English, I pay close attention to adapting teaching methods to students’ aptitude and interest. I enjoy sharing with students about Chinese culture and art while teaching Chinese as a foreign language.


    I specialized in simultaneous interpreting, proficient in both Chinese and English. Having studied in the UK for a year, I am keen on English culture and has a special interest in bringing Chinese culture to my foreign friends. While working as an interpreter, I acquired experiences in communicating with friends of all cultural backgrounds, so I can teach you Chinese through daily conversation and you can easily learn Chinese in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, I have a wide knowledge on various walks of life. So no matter you are a student, doctor or lawyer, My courses will cater to you and provide you with a tailored Chinese-learning experience.

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