• Animated Video Material

    How can you get the best out of this material?

    Each lesson contains a series of videos.

    Every video contains a set of vocabulary used throughout. Tap on the audio icons to hear the pronunciation.

    With each video, you will also find example sentences. You can tap on the audio icons to listen to these too.

    Every lesson concludes with an example dialog using vocabulary and grammar that you've learned throughout the lesson.

  • Lesson 1

    Build Your First Questions and Answers on Your Own!

  • Lesson 2

    Using Verbs and Nouns in a Sentence

  • Lesson 3

    Using the Expressions "Going to/Planning/Wanting/Must" to Describe the Status of an Action

  • Lesson 4

    Understanding the Question "When" and Using Adverbs of Time to Say When an Action Happened

  • Lesson 5

    Describing "Times" and "Places" of Actions

  • Lesson 6

    "How Long?" and "How much?"

  • Lesson 7

    Asking for Directions

  • Lesson 8

    The Amazing Particle "le"

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